Bioenergy facility expansion

Project Sponsor:
Energy & Water Services
$ 14.85 million
In Construction
Project Manager:
UBC Project Services - Ryan Huffman

This core infrastructure project involves the addition of 12 MW of boiler capacity to the existing Bioenergy Facility to allow the campus hot water heating system to keep up with projected increased demand over the coming years from academic and student residence buildings.

The expanded use of biomass as an energy source will provide additional heat at a lower cost than natural gas and will help UBC to diversify its fuel mix, allowing more effective management of the fuel cost risk as well as to help reduce the University’s carbon tax through lowered GHG emissions. It will also help UBC to advance towards its Climate Action Plan 2020 target of 67% GHG emission reduction over 2007 levels and provide continued research opportunities for UBC faculty and students.

The scope of work includes civil and structural modifications to the existing facility, removal of redundant equipment, significant mechanical and electrical upgrades, seismic modifications to reflect the altered layout of the building, addition of a significantly upgraded biofuel material handling system, and supply and installation of new boiler.