Asian Centre Renovation & Library Addition


Asian Studies department personnel (faculty, staff, sessional instructors, postdocs and graduate students) are currently split between two locations, inhabiting the south wing of the Asian Centre and space in the Auditorium Annex B, slated to become the Armoury Hub site within the next five years. Consolidation of the department within the Asian Centre will strengthen the department and provide a relocation strategy for those currently in Annex B. This will also better serve the nearly 10,000 enrollments per year in the Asian Studies program, of which approximately 35% are international students.

This project proposes renovations and an addition to the Asian Centre. Project scope includes:

  • Renovation of all levels of the existing Asian Centre within its existing walls and roof, to include:
    – code and building line safety upgrades
    – electrical, mechanical and information system upgrades
    – interior partitions, finish realignment and upgrades
  • Low profile addition (possibly sub-grade with an open courtyard) to accommodate the additional space requirements.
  • Improvements to the exterior moat and exterior informal learning landscape treatments.

The existing building area of the Asian Centre is 5,155 GSM (55,488 GSF). The proposed addition is approximately 1,140 GSM (12,270 GSF).