Arts Student Centre

Project Size:
10,691 sq ft
$ 10,841 million
In Construction
Aug 2021
Project Manager:
UBC Properties Trust

The Arts Student Centre (ASC) is envisioned as an efficient multi-purpose facility that will advance the core mission of the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS). This mission includes improving the academic, social, personal, and professional lives of Arts students at UBC Vancouver, and providing much-needed amenities to support the learning, social, collaboration and innovation space needs of a diverse Faculty of Arts student population. It will be a “common ground” for UBC Arts students to interact across disciplines. The facility will include a range of targeted activity spaces and amenities to support creative engagement. These include media production, videoconference and graphics production spaces as well as a student-run art display space. A dedicated multi-use space will be used for increasing collaborative engagements with Faculty groups – e.g. the Arts Co-Op program, Go Global studies abroad mentorship program, tutoring services and “Welcome to UBC” resources for first year Arts students, to name a few.In addition, the ASC will address the constant demand for space for Arts departmental clubs to hold meetings and for other UBC and outside organizations to book space for conferences and events. The most important role for the ASC will be to promote and facilitate interaction within the AUS’s broad, multi-disciplinary undergraduate community. This vision is in alignment with the Faculty of Arts’ goals to support student well-being, personal development and outstanding campus life.

The proposed ASC facility will be integrated into the broader Brock Commons complex at the edge of the Buchanan complex and Arts precinct. Design will be coordinated with the Brock Commons Phase 2 project currently in progress. Consultation with the Peter A. Allard School of Law has been and will continue to be undertaken to ensure the ASC siting and design optimize the use and enjoyment of the adjacent open space by all users including those of Allard Hall.

What to Expect During Construction

While construction is underway residents and those in offices near the site should expect some impacts.

  • The sidewalk along the east side of East Mall from Walter Gage Road to Crescent Road will be closed. Pedestrians will be detoured to the sidewalk running along the east side of Buchanan buildings. Signage will be erected to help people find their way.
  • East Mall between Crescent Road and Walter Gage Road will be closed. All service, delivery and emergency vehicles will be detoured using the existing Buchanan Angled Parking lot west of East Mall.
  • The existing parking lot south of Allard Hall will be mostly closed. The closest alternative parking option is the North Parkade.

For construction and transit updates, visit UBC Campus & Community Planning.

For more information on the program, visit