Applied One


Applied One will be a facility which enables and enhances interactions. By crossing traditional boundaries, interdisciplinary ‘thinking and doing’ will thrive and new approaches to global issues will be catalyzed. The facility will present a novel opportunity to explore non-traditional space allocation strategies within the Facultyof Applied Science and will be organized by themes and functions that include: studios, classrooms, laboratories, innovation space, high head laboratories, exhibition and public space, as opposed to traditional Department/School boundaries. Current academic units such as engineering and planning will continue to exist for administration purposes but their activities will be carried out within integrated themes of inquiry. As new discoveries are accelerated through collaboration, disciplines will be arranged according to themes which will exponentially increase interactions among students, researchers and industry and foster interdisciplinary innovation and education. To execute this strategy, Applied One will be housed in a complex of innovative, flexible facilities.

Applied One will accomplish several objectives:

  • Create a prominent new campus- and public-facing centre for interdisciplinarity (people, design, technology) directed to solving crucial grand challenges
  • Consolidate and focus Applied Science resources (currently spread out over 25 different buildings on campus)
  • Bring the majority of Applied Science disciplines together in a place situated and designed to facilitate collaboration
  • Create a model campus building(s) designed to achieve economic efficiencies and enable effective, flexible utilization of space