Learning spaces

The learning spaces team supports the creation, operation and maintenance of an excellent learning environment for students and faculty members. This includes creating new formal and informal spaces, installing instructional technology, and more.

Learning at UBC doesn’t just happen in classrooms, labs and other formal set-ups; it happens everywhere. This includes informal spaces, such as under a tree on a sunny day. Whether learning takes place in a quiet corner of the campus or a 500-seat lecture theatre, each and every learning space plays a crucial role in UBC’s mission of teaching, learning, research, and engagement.

From the colour of the walls to the furniture configuration to the acoustics, learning space design plays a huge role in the academic experience of students and faculty members alike. Learning space design affects:

  • the clarity and ease of comprehension of the information being presented
  • how engaged students are with the content, instructor, and other students
  • the morale and physical wellbeing of students and faculty members

Our guiding principles

In order to create the best possible learning and teaching experience, we follow the following general design principles for learning spaces:


Enable meaningful, active and collaborative interactions between participants (student to student, student to instructor, instructional team).


Provide appropriate technology to support diverse, enriched and flexible instructional practices and learning experiences.


Design a sustainable and healthy environment that is conducive to learning, and will support the long-term use of the space.


Design for a wide range of instructional practices, student activities, curricula, room uses, and potential for change.


Ensure that principles of accessibility are central to the design of all learning spaces, and that all participants have a common experience.


Locate learning spaces to support effective building zoning, circulation and access.

Learn more about our guiding principles in the full UBC Learning Space Design Guidelines (pdf).

For more information about Learning Spaces, please visit UBC Learning Spaces.

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Classroom design guidelines

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AV technical design guidelines

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Manager, AV Group
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