Infrastructure cost estimates for CFI applications

This page contains a summary of information and resources for the infrastructure cost estimate process. Please refer to the Infrastructure Cost Estimate Process document for detailed instructions on obtaining these estimates.

Facilities Planning (FP) assists CFI applicants to obtain an Infrastructure Cost Estimate (ICE) to include in their CFI application.

An Infrastructure Cost Estimate describes the scope and cost of the work required to make the research lab space ready to accommodate the proposed new equipment. The scope could be as simple as adding an electrical outlet, or as complex as building a new facility.

Facilities Planning is the first point of contact for obtaining an ICE. All CFI proposals must be reviewed by FP to ensure that any potential infrastructure upgrades are identified and priced. ICEs are separate from, and do not include, research equipment costs.

Facilities Planning Key Contact

Catherine Alkenbrack
Tel: 604.230.8422


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