Facilities Planning

The Facilities Planning unit provides services that support and accommodate academic and research growth and change at UBC. Planners work to translate the physical space needs and functional requirements of the people in that space into reality, one which achieves an efficient and harmonious utilization of people, equipment, space, and energy.

As a discipline, facility planning focuses on the management of the physical setting occupied by an institution or organization. Planners generate a facility plan by analyzing the relationships between all the activities performed within that setting and, taking into account the equipment, materials, and personnel requirements, calculating the space requirements needed to efficiently carry out those activities.

This analysis helps the institution make decisions about the need for new space, renovated space, and obsolete spaces.

What we do

Master planning and functional programming

Master planning and functional programming translates the facility requirements and overall goals of our clients into workable design solutions for new major capital projects and renovations. The analysis presented in both types of documents communicates the need for facility improvement which assists the capital planning process in gaining support for financing and funding.

Learning spaces

Facilities Planning has a particular focus in the development and design of UBC’s learning environments, both formal, such as classrooms and teaching labs, and informal, such as spaces that support social interaction, exploration, and meetings. We work according to measures established by the UBC Learning Space Design Guidelines.

Space and renovation request assessment

For information on space swing space and interim space, please visit Swing Space & Interim Space.

We review and approve requests from faculties and departments needing additional space or who have put forward a renovation project request to their Dean or Department Head.

Please contact us to discuss how these processes affect your group.