Infrastructure Development

Vancouver Campus
2210 West Mall
Vancouver , BC Canada V6T 1Z4

Infrastructure Development – Project Services

Vancouver Campus
1100 – 2329 West Mall
Vancouver , BC Canada V6T 1Z4

Tel: 604 827 4546


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Infrastructure Development
Jennifer Sanguinetti Managing Director, Infrastructure Development 604.822.4348
Aaron Mogerman Director, Infrastructure Development (UBCO) 250.807.8409
Yvonne Kwok Communications Manager 604.827.3520
Capital Planning & Strategic Project Development
Barbara Gordon Acting Director, Capital Planning & Strategic Project Development 604.822.5836
Amy Chao Records Specialist 604.822.9570
Donna Waye Records Process Business Analyst 604.822.9761
Ellizabeth Lara CAD Technician 604.827.2766
Karen Abel-Co Senior Manager Facilities Information & Inventory Systems 604.822.1211
Matt Shannon Manager, Application Development 604.827.4570
Pauline Li CAD Technician 604.822.4082
Radhika Thiyagarajan Programmer / Analyst 604.822.0854
Facilities Planning
Catherine Alkenbrack Director, Facilities Planning 604.822.3059
Ana Policzer Senior Facilities Planner 604.827.5162
Chantal Bobyn Senior Facilities Planner 604.827.4132
Gernot Koefer Senior Facilities Planner 604.827.2065
Jennifer Lippa Senior Facilities Planner 604.827.4011
Jodi Scott Senior Learning Space Planner 604.822.4175
Leanne Feichtinger Learning Space Analyst 604.822.8057
Leigh Clark Facilities Planner 604.822.5433
Steven Lee Learning Space Planner 604.822.1862
Teresa Syrnyk Senior Facilities Planner 604.827.5682
Project & Planning Business Systems
Kelly Husband (on leave) Director, Project & Planning Business Systems 604.822.1483
Carmen Raiche De Araujo Manager Staff Engagement and Client Relations 604.822.5493
Genesis Magat NAV Data Systems Analyst
Mikhail Manaligod Construction Document Administrator 604-822-0482
Project Services
Bert Tempel Project Coordinator 604.827.1569
Peter Lincoln Project Coordinator 604.822.4905
Jordan Buckshaw Project Manager 604.822.5746
Kyle Fenton Associate Project Manager 604.827.4576
Jay Hiscox Director, Project Services 604.822.5016
Aletha Utimati Project Manager 604.827.0269
Colleen Mah Associate Project Manager 604.822.0475
Darren Herrington Project Coordinator 604.822.0269
Elizabeth Meagher (On leave) Project Manager
Gillian Zhang Procurement Officer - Construction 604.827.4790
Hilde Schepens Project Manager 604.822.0509
James Cornelia Project Manager 604.822.8248
James Woo Project Manager 604.822.0459
Kate West Project Manager 604.822.0471
Nadine Anseeuw Project Manager 604.822.8793
Nelly Francois (On leave) Project Manager 604.827.3404
Noel McNally Project Manager 604.822.0175
Paul Hays Project Manager 604.822.0461
Ryan Huffman Senior Project Manager 604.827.1575
Victor Wong Project Coordinator 604.822.2118
Yvonne Kwok Communications Manager 604.827.3520