Facilities Information & Inventory Systems develops, manages, maintains, and populates electronic information management systems to provide access to campus facility and infrastructure documents for our staff, the greater UBC community, and external groups such as consultants and contractors. These systems include forward-facing web portals, such as the Records Retrieval System (RRS) and internal electronic repositories for the organization and dissemination of information between departments.

The records team identifies, acquires, and provide access to more than 50,000 drawings and hundreds of thousands of pages of related building documentation for all campus buildings, facilities, and infrastructure. This department also provides reference services for clients requiring assistance finding information held in our collections.

Records Retrieval System (RRS)

The Records Retrieval System is our primary means of providing access to the records.
Major record groups include:

  • Buildings (landscaping, architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical categories)
  • Building specifications, and operating & maintenance manuals
  • Underground services (gas, water, storm, sanitary, etc.)

Access the RRS is available to UBC staff and authorized consultants. Click here to complete the New Account Request Form.

Click here to access the Records Retrieval System.