Capital Planning & Strategic Project Development

Capital Planning & Strategic Project Development liaises with the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training (AEST) and UBC faculty and senior administration to develop multi-year capital plans for academic buildings and building system upgrade projects. The budgets created from this process are required to fund the construction, refit, and replacement of campus buildings and infrastructure.

Capital Planning also promotes and coordinates UBC Renew projects. This initiative works to reinvigorate existing buildings as needed to meet current construction standards and the needs of UBC’s academic community.

Facilities Information & Inventory Systems (FIIS)

In support of the Capital Planning mission, Facilities Information & Inventory Systems (FIIS) creates, organizes, maintains, and provides access to information critical to the usage and maintenance of these facilities.

Space Inventory

Keeping track of UBC’s more than 50,000 spaces

Mapping & Drafting

Updating floor plans and maps for UBC


Providing access to UBC building and utilities records