Asset Replacement & Improvement

The Asset Replacement & Improvements (AR&I) is responsible for handover (from construction to operations and maintenance) of new and renovated buildings on UBC Vancouver campus. The team undertakes projects for upgrading existing spaces within UBC buildings and ensures they are audited, assessed, renewed and rebuilt to provide long-term value for faculty, staff, students, and visitors. The AR& I unit includes the Transition team and Construction Office.

Transition team

The transition team is responsible for ensuring that the operations and maintenance teams are able to maintain new assets that are delivered by projects for their lifespan, technical guidelines are adhered to by projects, and that handover requirements are met by projects on behalf of Building Operations.  The team is also responsible for ensuring that new assets are entered into Planon, that  building data is updated in a timely manner, and that UBC’s Facility Condition Index is calculated and reported out.  

Construction Office

The Construction Office is responsible for the successful delivery of small customer-funded projects for the university. The team provides renovation and construction services using in-house trades for projects valued up to $50,000. To submit a Service Request, please visit the Facilities website.


UBC Technical Guidelines

The UBC Technical Guidelines are design and construction standards for new institutional buildings and major renovation projects on the UBC campus. The Technical Guidelines include: performance objectives, technical requirements, recommended practices, project documentation requirements, sample front-end documentation, plus steps to follow to expedite completion of UBC projects. Learn more

Understanding Facility Condition Index (FCI)

As buildings age their condition naturally deteriorates. Each building on campus serves a unique purpose so the balance between strategic maintenance and capital investment is unique to each building. We can measure the condition of each building using a Facility Condition Index (FCI) score and use that score to understand the big picture. Learn more