New Learning Space team within Infrastructure Development

New Learning Space team within Infrastructure Development

The Learning Space team officially forms within Facilities Planning, Infrastructure Development. Jodi Scott, Steven Lee, and Leanne Feichtinger of the Learning Space team work together with UBC IT Audio Visual and Scheduling Services to plan and manage all of the formal learning spaces at the UBC Vancouver campus. The Learning Space team actively works with faculty, staff, and students to provide direction in functional programs and developing classroom budgets, provide recommendations and analysis for all informal and formal learning spaces for construction projects, and manage the day-to-day learning space inventory. The reclassification of roles and titles for the Learning Space team will better align with the singular and specific work they do.

Jodi Scott has been appointed to Senior Learning Space Planner as the team leader for the Learning Space Team. Jodi joined UBC in 2002 and since 2009, her work has mainly been focused on formal and informal learning spaces, first as Manager, Formal Learning with Classroom Services and then as Senior Planner with Facilities Planning. She is actively involved in the planning and construction of new learning space projects on campus, and provides strategic planning and oversight around UBC’s annual learning space upgrade program, and the day-to-day management of the learning space inventory. Jodi led a team that developed UBC’s Learning Space Design Guidelines, a document that provides recommendations for the current and future learning space development at UBC.

Steven Lee has been promoted to Learning Space Planner. Steven has been working with Infrastructure Development as a Facilities Planner for the past 5 years and this new role recognizes his increased responsibilities around classroom planning and the annual Learning Space upgrade program. Steven joined UBC in 2008 first with the Classroom Services Unit then moving to Facilities Planning in 2012. His work is primarily focused on supporting the student experience on campus through the revitalization of physical learning spaces such as classrooms, lecture theatres, informal learning spaces and teaching labs. He plays a key role in the day-to-day operation of UBC’s 350 general-use classrooms and manages a large program that improves learning spaces annually. Steven is an expert around informal learning spaces and works with the VP Students and campus constituents to identify opportunities for the development and enhancement of student study and social spaces.

Leanne Feichtinger has been promoted to Learning Space Analyst. This new role is a reflection of the analysis focus and expertise that Leanne brings to projects and campus planning. Leanne was first hired in Facilities Planning as a summer student in 2013 when she was finishing her Bachelor of Science in Statistics. In 2014, she returned to work on the Restricted Teaching Space Audit and has been helping to articulate the learning space needs for current and future planning ever since. In addition to her analysis work, she was the lead on the development and implementation of the recent UBC Learning Spaces website and is currently providing inventory expertise as part of the planning committee for Congress 2019.

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