School of Biomedical Engineering Building

Campus/ city:
$ 76 million
Government: $38 million / UBC $ 38 million
Reduced Deferred Maintenance:

The School of Biomedical Engineering (SBME), a partnership between the Faculties of Medicine and Applied Science, is a new flagship entity at UBC, and a top strategic priority for the University and both FacultiesThe vision is to create a facility that supports the learning, research and innovation goals of the SBME and leverages the unique opportunity for UBC leadership in biomedical engineering.

The proposed School of Biomedical Engineering building will support the expansion of the undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as research activities.  The functional program includes classrooms, teaching laboratories, research laboratories, office space, meeting space and informal learning/student community space.  The 10,050 GSM (108,200 GSF) facility is proposed to be located between the Applied Science and Medicine precincts on the UBC Vancouver campus.  Several sites are being evaluated.

The Biomedical Research Centre (FCI 0.51) is the interim physical location of the SBME and renovations to this space are part of the project and will improve the condition of that facility. While this facility can accommodate current graduate student enrolment and the start up of the undergraduate program with 60 students, a larger, new facility will be required to address planned program growth over the next 5 years to 500 undergraduate and 220 graduate students.

Project Objectives

  • Provide sufficient space for expansion of BME undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Provide high capacity, flexible and efficient purpose-built facilities for BME research activities.