Project team

The project team is comprised of key members who are involved in the development, implementation, and ongoing activities of a project. The following descriptions represent typical position titles and primary roles and responsibilities.

Project Manager

The project manager works with the client to determine the project objective, scope, timeline, and budget. They are responsible for managing the success of a project from inception to completion, through planning, design, construction, and commissioning. They are the liaison between the client, consultant, contractor, other UBC stakeholders and the UBC community in general.

Project Coordinator

The project coordinator works with the project manager to assist and facilitate day-to-day site coordination related tasks. This includes coordinating with contractors, consultants, UBC service providers, and the campus community to organize street closures, building shutdowns, key access and service requests.

Project Administrator

The project administrator works with the project manager to assist with project related duties. They oversee and perform administrative functions concerned with a project, such as liaising with service providers to handling many of the financial tasks required by each project, including contracts, invoices, change orders and fee amendments.

Procurement officer

The procurement officer works with the project manager to issue a suitable procurement process for all project acquisitions. They are responsible for executing all procurement services for a project, primarily focused on managing procurement processes over $25,000.  The project procurement team oversees the project contract tendering and execution, from preparing documents required for proposals and contractors, to assembling evaluations of bids received.

Communications Specialist

The communications specialist works with the project manager, facilities manager, and the client to identify and implement an appropriate communication strategy for a project. This includes identifying the project-specific concerns during construction, and providing timely updates, notifications, and signage for a project.