Project Services

Project Services is a dedicated group of experienced professionals who provide project management services for renovations, renewals and modernizations of buildings and infrastructure. We are also responsible for the management, design and execution of alternative energy systems, such as the campus-wide Academic District Energy System (ADES) steam to hot water conversion project and the Bioenergy Research and Demonstration Facility (BRDF).

Our portfolio encompasses capital projects which involve physical changes to the environment, whether above or below ground, inside or outside buildings, accessibility or public realm.

What we do

We are the main client liaison on projects and we are responsible and accountable for all aspects of project delivery. We take our client’s abstract idea, develop a firm design, bid and build the agreed scope of work, then hand the finished product over to the client.

Our Roles and Responsibilities Guide provides a breakdown of key responsibilities of both the client and project manager throughout this process.

Our work is supported by the financial and administrative team in Project & Planning Business Systems. Each area ensures all project documentation, including contracts and invoices, client communication, and key processes such as building shutdowns are handled smoothly and efficiently throughout the project process.

Project coordinators and project administrators

Both these groups assist and support the project managers in the management of day-to-day operations and construction related tasks, from liaising with service providers to handling many of the financial tasks required by each project, such as reviewing and submitting fee amendments and other contract-related documents.

Project Procurement

The project procurement team supports Project Services while overseeing the project contract tendering and execution, from preparing documents required for proposals and contractors, to assembling evaluations of bids received.

Project process

Our project management approach breaks down into six phases, each with its own key steps and activities: Initiation, Planning, Design, Procurement, Construction, and Completion. Click here to view and download this summary.

Client web portal

Our Client Web Portal is available as the means by which to access and review active and completed projects online. Users will have access to project schedules, budgets, costs to date and relevant project documents.

Please refer to our Project Q&A or contact us if you have any questions about our client web portal.

Project Q&A

Comments and explanations on common concerns or questions during the project process.