Construction Updates

The University continues to make significant investments in new and upgraded infrastructure to create great spaces for teaching, learning, research and the campus community. There is currently a high level of construction activity and every effort will be made to minimize impact.
Project status updated: October 2, 2019

1) Undergraduate Life Sciences Teaching Laboratories – Renewal and Expansion

The Undergraduate Life Sciences Teaching Labs Renewal project involves a renewal and expansion of the Biological Sciences complex to provide modern, well equipped teaching laboratories for over 2,000 students enrolled in undergraduate life sciences programs. This will replace and consolidate deteriorated teaching labs in the Biological Sciences Centre and North, Wesbrook and D.H. Copp buildings.


Project cost: $88.0 million

Projected completion:

2) HEBB building renewal

The Hebb Building Renewal is focused on addressing deferred maintenance while also upgrading to meet current codes, sustainability objectives and principles, and UBC technical standards. The renewal will include reconfiguration of classroom, teaching lab, and support spaces to support contemporary pedagogy.


Project cost: $29.446 million

Projected completion: September 2019

3) Bioenergy facility expansion

This core infrastructure project involves the addition of 12 MW of boiler capacity to the existing Bioenergy Facility to allow the campus hot water heating system to keep up with projected increased demand over the coming years from academic and student residence buildings. The expanded use of biomass as an energy source will provide additional heat at a lower cost than natural gas and will help UBC to diversify its fuel mix, allowing more effective management of the fuel cost risk as well as to help reduce the University’s carbon tax through lowered GHG emissions. It will also help UBC to advance towards its Climate Action Plan 2020 target of 67% GHG emission reduction over 2007 levels and provide continued research opportunities for UBC faculty and students. The scope of work includes civil and structural modifications to the existing facility, removal of redundant equipment, significant mechanical and electrical upgrades, seismic modifications to reflect the altered layout of the building, addition of a significantly upgraded biofuel material handling system, and supply and installation of new boiler.


Project cost: $ 14.85 million

Projected completion: Early 2020

4) Pacific Residence

The Pacific Residence project, located adjacent to and infilling around the Walter Gage Residence, is currently scheduled to open in fall 2021 and will add one winter session and four year-round residential buildings (“houses”) with a total of 940 housing beds for upper-year students.  A new food outlet is also included in the program, serving both the growing residential and broader campus community. The development will allow for greater vibrancy and an improved public realm within this precinct, ultimately creating an enhanced living and learning environment for the entire Walter Gage population. With the removal of approximately 110 grade-level parking stalls and the addition of over 2,300 new beds in the precinct (Exchange Residence, Brock Commons Phase 2 and Pacific Residence), a parking analysis has been undertaken. As a result of this study, the Pacific Residence project will include approximately 185 below-grade parking stalls serving the new developments of Pacific Residence, Exchange Residence, Tall Wood and Brock Commons Phase 2 as well as short term guest parking. For more information, please visit UBC Student Residence – Vancouver


Project cost: $ 165.034 million

Projected completion: Phased occupancy starting Fall 2021 to Jan 20202

5) Acadia Modular Child Care

The proposal is for the addition of three (3) modular classrooms with outdoor playspace to provide nearly 100 child care space by August 2019 in Acadia Park. Read more here.


Project cost: 

Projected completion:

6) Counselling Services Temporary Extension

A new modular building is underway to re-locate counselling services currently offered in Lower Mall Research Station, to improve service and access for students. The modular building will provide a new space where booked counselling appointments will take place adjacent to ongoing services already provided in Brock Hall. The new building will be constructed of modules fabricated off-site to reduce the construction schedule, enabling provision of services earlier than conventional construction time. The temporary facility is a short-term space solution that will serve students until an Integrated Health Services facility is constructed. Once the short-term use for Counselling Services has ended, this modular building will become part of the inventory of swing space for UBC Vancouver campus, and can be relocated to any available location as required.


Project cost: 

Projected completion: December 2019

a) Public Realm

A series of landscape upgrade projects to improve walkways, street lighting, street furniture, wayfinding signage and storm drainage with an overall goal to create a safer, more attractive and pedestrian friendly campus. Project completion taking place over a 15 year phase, with project completed to date:

  • Agricultural Rd
  • BioSciences Rd
  • Buchanan Courtyards
  • Main Mall (North + Centre)
  • Medical Pathways
  • Memorial Rd
  • University Blvd (East Mall to Main Mall)
  • University Blvd (Main Mall to West Mall)
  • Geography Courtyard
  • University Centre Forecourt
  • Sustainability Street
  • Frank Forward Pathways
  • Dentistry Courtyard
  • Library Gardens


Project cost: $46.0 million

Projected completion: Phased over 15 years

Thank you for your patience during this period of intense construction.

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