Capital Priorities Overview

UBC maintains a comprehensive plan for the development and renewal of institutional infrastructure to meet evolving academic needs as well as the needs of our growing campus communities. Some of the current priority capital projects planned for the UBC Vancouver campus include: development of the Orchard Commons mixed-use student housing facility, which will be the home for the UBC Vantage College; expansion of the Brimacombe/Advanced Materials & Process Engineering Laboratory building for the the Quantum Matter Institute; renewal and expansion of undergraduate Chemistry and Life Sciences teaching laboratories; development of the B.C. Integrated Research Library, a high density storage facility to house 1.7 million volumes from all B.C. research universities; and development of a new Aquatic Centre which will provide student athletes with a state-of-the-art training and competition facility, and the larger campus community (students, faculty, staff and residents) with an on-campus recreational facility.

Our UBC Okanagan campus has just completed the final stages of a major capital expansion. Future projects for this campus include an expansion of the existing Library and development of new student residences, both intended to meet the needs of a rapidly growing campus population. A complete list of planned projects for UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan is provided in this website. This list continues to be refined as our Capital Plan evolves, projects are completed and new projects advanced.