UBC Five-Year Capital Plan 2018/19 – 2022/23

To provide high-level understanding of public post-secondary institutional capital requirements and to develop priorities for future consideration, the Ministry of Advanced Education (AVED) annually requests Five-Year Capital Plan submissions. The Five-Year Capital Plan provides AVED with an understanding of UBC’s capital requirements for new priority expansion projects, replacement/renewal projects and capital innovation projects.

UBC has developed a jointly funded Capital Plan which reflects the Provincial focus on technology innovation expansion, international education, economic development, jobs, and facility asset renewal. These capital investments are specifically targeted to support academic excellence in teaching and research. The proposed projects were identified from the UBC capital priorities list through an extensive assessment process with UBC’s Executive.

With Federal and Provincial government partnership though programs like UBC Renew, and more recently the Strategic Investment Fund (SIF), UBC has been able to focus on sustainable facility renewal, increased utilization, replacement of deteriorated facilities and elimination of deferred maintenance. Program expansion has been accommodated through a combination of donor, UBC and provincial funding. The proposed projects support a vision for the transformative enhancement of student learning and experience through international engagement and integrated learning and research environments.

The proposed UBC Five-Year Capital Plan includes priority academic projects totalling $616 million. Demolitions or renovations associated with the new construction would reduce UBC’s deferred maintenance by $153.9 million and improve seismic ratings on specific buildings.

Projects are shown in AVED Categories:

1. New Priority Projects
Primary Driver: Accommodate growth, labour market demand-driven capacity
Secondary Benefit: New system capacity

2. Whole Asset Replacement & Renewal Projects
Primary Driver: Improve the condition of the physical asset and reduce deferred maintenance backlog
Secondary Benefit: Increased system capacity due to improved functional efficiency

The projects proposed are shown in the following table:

Project UBC
Delivery Cost in $Ms Funding Request to AVED in $Ms Reduced Deferred Maintenance in $Ms AVED Goals*
Biological, Environmental, and Biomedical Engineering Building Vancouver Jun 2021 $90.0 Province $45.0M
UBC        $45.0M
$45.0 $10.4   1,2,3,4
Chemistry Laboratory Complex (Undergraduate Chemistry Teaching Labs + Chemistry Physics Research Labs) Vancouver Sep 2021 $140.0 Province $85.0M
UBC        $55.0M
$85.0 $39.0   1,2,3,4
UBCO Industrial Scale Engineering Lab Okanagan Jun 2020 $10.0 Province $5.0M
UBC        $5.0M
$5.0 $0   1,2,3,4
Community Health Sciences + Recreational Facility + War Memorial Gym Renewal Vancouver Sep 2021 $190.0 Province    $80.0M
UBC           $90.0M
$80.0 $45.8   1,2,3,4
Mathematics & Annex and LS Klinck Building Replacement Vancouver Sep 2021 $100.0 Province     $80.0M
UBC               $5.0M
$80.0 $37.7   1,2,3,4
Geography Building Vancouver Sep 2021 $50.0 Province    $45.0M
Fundraising$ 2.0M
UBC             $3.0M
$45.0 $10.3   1,2,3,4
Asian Centre Renovation & Library Addition Vancouver Sep 2021 $16.0 Province        $8.0M
Fundraising  $8.0M

$8.0 $9.47   1,2,3,4
UBC Farm Centre Vancouver Dec 2020 $20.0 Province      $9.0M
Fundraising $11M
$9.0 $1.2   1,2,3,4
Total $616.0 $357.0 $153.9

* Attachment 1: Ministry of Advanced Education Goals and Objectives Aligned with UBC’s Select Strategies (From UBC’s Institutional Accountability Plan & Report)