Keyplans and Basemaps


Keyplans are building floor plans created in AutoCAD from the As-built drawings submitted to Capital Planning by consultants (see Building Records for an overview of how we obtain drawings).

The keyplans are an integral component of Archibus, our facility information system which allows us to provide the University with precise room area information.

As scaled drawings, keyplans provide accurate information for a variety of purposes, including estimating and planning, the creation of simple wayfinding aids, and providing the foundation for the creation of fire safety maps which outline how to exit a building in case of an emergency.

The most up to date version of the keyplans are posted to the Records Retrieval System within 24 hours of completion.


Campus Base Maps

The campus base maps are a continuously updated representation of the campus including building locations, site features and roads. Facilities Information Systems creates, designs and maintains base maps for the UBC Point Grey campus. The maps show campus features such as buildings, grounds and infrastructure, which includes water distribution, steam services, and street lighting. Any of these features can be added to the base map in a variety of ways, such as a topographic representation that features gas lines.

The base map is used to develop a wide variety of other maps such as the UBC address map which includes current and future campus developments. Another map type is the sector map which is used to show all the underground services present across the campus, such as storm and sanitary systems. Sector maps are vital to any project that requires excavation work as the location of underground services needs to be identified.

The campus base maps are the starting point for other information aware mapping systems. These include campus wayfinding, SmartMap (Campus + Community Planning), and the new mobile wayfinding initiative.

These maps are available as standardized prints, digital files or custom-sized. Please see our Price List for charges associated with this service.